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{I suddenly can’t breathe and my chest feels very tight. More than naught a panic attack is about to occur as I’m slowly hyperventilating and my fingers are shaking as I’m typing this so I’m getting off. I have to get up early anyway. I may lurk on mobile though. Goodnight my lovelies! ♥}

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"You’d be wise not to underestimate the power of a demon, human pest. And while I dare not raise my hand first in this as I hate getting my hands dirty with another’s blood, I will do if need be.”

        “Human pest? Please. I’m far more
        superior than a human. And I really
        rather not have any blood shed if it
        can be avoided. I just cleaned the
        place. It’s very tiring, honestly. But
        again, what brings you here, demon?”

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        “As beautiful as I think you are,
        Regina, I really don’t want to be
        in your body. Please tell me you
        have a way to switch us back.”

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        “Um…Anna? Anna, you need to
        wake  up  this  instant.  We  are
        facing a devastating crisis now!”

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        “Andrew, I pray to the heavens that
        you have a reasonable explanation
        as to why I am staring at myself yet
        I am clearly in your body. What have
        you done THIStime?”

FILLED UNDER: princeofarendelle;  {can we just admit that elsa is a literal 5 year and loves to blame everything on andrew??};  {like that needs to be a thing};  {cause she does it alot};  

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        “This… tell me this isn’t happening.
        I’m passed out somewhere or I’m
        hallucinating. This is absurd! I can’t
        be you! I have a kingdom to rule!”

FILLED UNDER: skyyprince;  {oh gods yes!!};  {elsa is more worried about her kingdom than the situation tbh};  {but the real question is...};  {do you wanna build a snowman?};  {cause looking like elsa; you're gonna get that question from anna a LOT};  

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        “I do hope you realize you’re
        trespassing in my territory.
        We wouldn’t want anything
        bad to happen, so do give
        a reason to show mercy.”

FILLED UNDER: sxyla;  v; consumed by ice;  {casually gives you my evil verse};  {cause a demon and Ice Incarnate are pretty interesting};  

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        “You build such contraptions for
        a living? Do you not ponder the
        dangers in doing such a thing?
        You are just a boy after all.”

FILLED UNDER: hamadork;  v; the redemption;  {basically she's saying 'Aren't you a little young to be creating superpowered suits to save the world?'};  {but she's in awe all the same so...};  {such a fickle queen; doesn't know how to properly respond};  

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        “Andrew! You can’t continue
        hiding. You’ll have to come
        out and pay the consequences

FILLED UNDER: princeofarendelle;  v; the redemption;  {maybe he stole her chocolate};  {maybe he broke something};  {the world may never know~};