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                    “You’re the queen! Can’t you declare Halloween be 
                      cancelled in favor of Christmas? It’ll save so much time! 
                      But but but—- awww okay.”

        “Don’t look so down, little guy. Just think about all the
        fun you can have on Halloween. We can find you a
        costume if you’d like. Or I could even make one for
        you. And then the mountainous pile of sweets you’ll
        receive at the end of the night. Is that not appealing?”

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"Can we just skip Halloween and go right to Christmas this year?
    I wanna write to Santa!”


        “Maybe if I had the power to do so, then yes. But each
        and every day must pass accordingly, Olaf. I’m afraid
        you’ll just have to wait until Christmas comes.”

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aw look at my lame ass wolf man smiling while covered in blood.
so cute.
also pro tip on how to make scary men not scary: put bright pink on them

on that glorious note i’m gonna holla at some great people for being great.

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It’s more of an action adventure classic,
rather than something tragically romantic,
         perhaps you wouldn’t like it … ‘

        “I hope you aren’t coming to the assumption that
        all novels I engage in revolve around the cliché
        genre of romantic tragedies. As it may come as a
        surprise to you, I tend to expand my horizons and
        enjoy quite a variety of books. Including adventure.”

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This is a very good book, 
     have you ever read it ?

        “Afraid I haven’t. I shall definitely
        take it into consideration, though.”

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New Home, Old Demons



                   ❛  it’s not bad,  no.   it’s just a lot different,
                       y’know?        and is it just me, or does this
                       house seem a little, uh. . .  bigger than the
                       old one?  yeah, it’s prob’ly just me, but. . .
                                  ——— gosh,  fingers crossed that i
                                              won’t    get   lost   in    here.  ❜

                                                   the chuckle that bubbled from behind her lips
                                                   had  been  forced  ( that  much  was  painfully
                                                   evident and she knew it,  too ),  vibrant  irises
                                                   flicker from the faded print papering the walls
                                                   to her sibling,  scanning her features for even
                                                   the most exiguous hint of a grin.       curiosity
                                                   was then the thing   that propelled the ginger
                                                   further—  though this was nothing new, truly.

        “It  is  slightly  bigger,    but I guarantee  you  won’t  get
        lost.  If  people  discover  that  I  lost  my  little  sister  in
        our house, I’d never forgive you for the embarrassment.”

                                   A subtle, playful grin pries at the corners of her
                                   lips, tapping the keys once more before enclosing
                                   them within her hand. It made her hopeful that her
                                   sibling would enjoy the change of scenery and
                                   perhaps even redeem the blonde of all those times
                                   she secluded herself from her best friend. This was
                                   it. This was their new beginning. Their new dawn.

        “Wanna have a look around?”

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         Sure it is. I just—- are

A step is taken towards the other demigod, lips pulled into a frown. His gaze flickered behind her; he hadn’t heard any indication of monsters, so he assumed there were none. At least, not in this general area. He wasn’t naive enough to believe there weren’t anymore monsters in general, no matter how nice that might have been. 

         ❝C’mon, let’s get you to the
             infirmary and we get you
             some ambrosia. Can you
             walk okay?❞


        “Definitely. I’ve endured
        worse injuries before.”

                      Noticing how Percy glanced behind her, a cautious look in his
                      sea-green eyes, the blonde shook her head in silent reassurance.
                      Surprisingly there hadn’t been any monsters. Zero. Irrelevant to
                      to the wounds. Had something not of the human world caused
                      them? Without a doubt. Shifting her weight from one leg to the
                      other, she winced, holding back a hiss in pain.

        “I can manage, yeah.”

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     Can you hear the silence?
Can you see the dark?

                                                           I.   II.   III.   IV.   V.

     Can you fix the broken?
Can you... can you feel my heart?
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       As the two blondes began to walk away down the street, Charlie’s ears picked up the faint but quickly approaching sound of sirens. A firetruck was on its way, and it would either be preceded or followed by Shop agents. Probably both. Of course, her instincts tugged at her to run, flee, escape the predators who might threaten her safety. But her mind held her steady. Logic said that running would only draw more attention to them, make them a target amongst the slow-moving crowd of confused onlookers. Better to look like they’d become bored with the situation and had somewhere to be, than as if they were fleeing a crime scene with blood on their hands. Not to mention the most simple fact of all: she had no idea where they were going. The older girl had offered to take her to her home, but Charlie only knew the direction they were headed in currently, she had no clue of the actual address, and likely wouldn’t until they got there. So, slow and steady it was. She could hear her father’s voice in her head, as she so often did in these situations, reminding her that it was better to fade out quietly than to bust out with everything a-blazing. Her survival, and the survival of anyone trying to help her, depended on them not being noticed at all as they slipped away from the crowd and moved down the street. Charlie rarely teamed up with anyone, so hopefully the fact that they were a pair would get the Shop agents to overlook them.

       Still, though Charlie was able to make her feet move at a steady, normal pace, her heart was racing in her chest and her breathing was short and quick. She could hear both and was trying desperately to calm herself, but it wasn’t working all that well. She was scared. Scared for her own safety and for the safety of the girl who’d been kind enough to help her. In the past, people who gave her sanctuary had a bad habit of losing their homes, and she hoped that wouldn’t happen again this time. A small part of the fire-wielder noticed, again, how cold the other blonde’s touch was where her hand was guiding her by the shoulder. Normal people always felt cool to her, but this was even more than usual. But that wasn’t important at the moment.


     ”Well then, thank you. Anyway, I think if we move quickly enough and aren’t seen, we can get away without one of them noticing. If we’re lucky, we can avoid the danger altogether.”

        Slow and steady wins the race. Wasn’t that the moral of the well known story of the Hare and the Tortoise? It pertained to the real world, too. Just like her situation now. If they continued moving at a steady pace, they wouldn’t be easily detected by whomever was after the girl. Hopefully overlooked, though only Fate could tell. Yet she couldn’t help but ponder what the outcomes would be if they willed their steps to go just a bit faster. Would it be too obvious? Or would they quicker be out of harms way if just for the time being? Be reasonable, Elsa. Her conscious was right. Casual was safer. Despite the want to leave the crowd quickly before chaos further presented itself.

          Like the fact that her hands were decreasing in temperature and she could swear the sound of breaking ice audited to her ears. Though she knew it was her mind playing tricks. Tempting the frigid powers beneath pale skin to surface and spread. Reveal itself to the world. It was becoming a nuisance. And a frightening one. Silent prayers were made in hopes she could hold out just until she made it home, worse case. The veins just underneath thin skin on wrists were changing in color; bluer than before. Not normal for
a human. Faster, yet steady. That would work. Or at least it should work. Mentally hitting herself, Elsa steered the other blonde to the right where less people roamed, yet still enough to conceal themselves.


        “How about you tell me who’s after you? It’s the 
        least you can do considering the circumstances.
        Maybe even inform me on why they’re after you.”

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          Elsawhat’s going on?❞


        “What? Is a friendly visit not allowed anymore?”

                     Perhaps it’d all be generally normal
                     had she not shown up with several
                     cuts and bruises flawing her features.

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