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{For the day, I’ll be lurking more than anything as I have a lot of work I need to catch up on. Memes are welcome as are other things into my ask. If I have any short replies I’ll do them. Longer replies will have to wait until tonight. ♥ Love you guys.}

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Yes, I have hit another milestone. So in honor of such, I decided to do my very first giveaway. The rules are fairly simple:

  • The giveaway ends August 11th at 11pm Pacific Time and the winners will be chosen on August 12th.
  • You must be following me in order to qualify for this giveaway. Do not follow, enter, then unfollow right after. That’s just a bit rude, lovelies~
  • You must be roleplay blog. No personals whatsoever! Sorry.
  • Reblogs only. You may reblog as many times as you’d like, but be courteous of your followers.
  • I will be using a random number generator when this ends, that way it’s fair.


First prize winner:

  • 20 gif icons
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Those are all the prizes. Keep in mind that if there’s something you don’t want that’s on here, you’re not required to receive it. Just let me know if you’re the winner. Again, you have until August 11th at 11 pm Pacific Time. Winners will be revealed on the 12th. Good luck, loves~ ♥

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         ” this is why i do not like the majority of the us. 

the words are grumbled, an accusing finger
pointed at the snow woman. as if in rebellion,
her hair blazes for a moment, causing hale
to wave it out absentmindedly, still focused
on the other. they’re literally opposites, with
her snow, and hale’s gotta admit she’s damn
curious. the fiery beast grins, holding out a
hand and making sure it’s at normal temperature.
she wants to know who she’s dealing with,
and wants to know this girl’s secrets. 

           ” i’m hale.

        “It’s really more of a world wide situation.”

Glacial hues watch the finger with caution, hand
habitually twitching at her side in preparation of
any danger that may come to her. The epitome
of opposites, were they. Fire and ice. The topic
behind Robert Frost’s poem of the world being
destroyed and corrupted by either element. How
ironic. Subtle flakes of snow cling to the blonde’s
hair, an almost natural and casual look against
her pale skin. Canting her head, Elsa observes
the other, dark brow arched in inquiry. Evening
out her own body temperature, the hand is met
with her own, lips tilted up ever so slightly.

        “Elsa. Pleasure.”

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Amusement shone in her eyes, reveling
in the rage that reflected in those of the
sea goddess’ eyes. Thriving for more,
though debating on just how far it should
go. A grin of malice split across her lips.

        “And I’m quite glad I have no part in
        it. It already sounds like a disaster
        without me having to interfere.”


Furious barely even began to cover the
emotions that were pouring out of 
Amphitrite. She despised this woman
to begin with, and for her to make a 
mockery of her marriage? She was
finished playing nice.

     ”Disaster!? I’ll show you a disaster!”

And with nothing more than a furious
rise and drop of her hands, water
burst forth from some unknown source.
Ceaselessly coming down on Khione’s
head with great force.

Indeed, a disaster was aimed straight at her,
eyes glancing up at the oversized wave just
above her. No time to react before the liquid
embraced her mercilessly, the pressure
bringing the snow goddess down to her knees.
Blond hair clung to her face, adding to her
irritation. Clothes undoubtedly soaked as they
pasted themselves to pale skin. A cough rung
throughout the air followed by spewing water.

                       Oh, how dare this woman strike against
                       her. A rumbling growl vibrated through
                       her chest, azure eyes narrowed in a
                       dangerous way. Slender fingers curled
                       into talons against the wet ground, a
                       loud crack filling the air before increasing,
                       more sounding at a time. The water was
                       freezing over, converting to solid ice.

        “Do you really want to go down this
        path, ocean slug? I’m not one to toy
        with. Do not underestimate me.”

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Teach Me


       As the girl took in her surroundings and the Queen, the Queen took in the girl standing before her. The child didn’t look like much, and she was missing the vengeful spark her parents implied she’d had after the attack on her sister. Which is exactly what the Queen had been expecting, as the story hadn’t made any sense. So if she had wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery, and then possibly have someone almost as powerful as herself loyal to her. Besides, a never melting Snowy White would be a nice decoration for the cell next to the idiot prince’s. 


      “Tell me about yourself, dear.” The Queen promoted, offering her arm to the child. In any other case, she would have simply taken the girl’s arm and lead her to her room and dealt with her tomorrow if she hadn’t already decided this was a waste of her time. But the letter had mentioned that her abilities were triggered by highly emotional situations {which came as no surprise to the Queen} and contact. However, the Queen wasn’t sure just how far that extended and she had no desire to be the one to test it. 

      There was something in the girl’s eyes when she looked at her, though. Something she hand’t seen in a long time and Regina wasn’t sure what to do about it. There was no way that she could live up to the standards the girl looked to put on her, though she could teach her to control her powers and would as long as it benefit her. And she had a  somewhat less hard spot for children with idiotic parents.

        Remember the reason you’re here. Deemed too dangerous. Had to stay away from her family. Couldn’t risk actually murdering her darling sister after such a close, unintentional attempt. Just her head. The heavens must have been in her favor whilst they merely taunted the blonde. Cruel judgment. Thankfully, her façade was perfect, hiding all feelings that were swirling deep within her chest, awaiting the moment to rupture and result in chaos. Oh, what a sight that would be! An element of beauty capturing the attention of all around. A distraction of glamour before the truth is revealed. How looks really are deceiving. That the most beautiful of things are the most deadly. A culminating combination that would surely corrupt all.


        Ah, so the Queen wanted to know more, actually seemed intrigued in her. But the difficult part was to be pondering what was worth mentioning. It wasn’t every day the Princess was required to speak of herself. Nothing had to be said for there was nothing to preach. Nothing to brag of. She could complain, but not even the energy would be put into that. There was simply a lack of motivation. A fear of speaking. Engaging in conversation was not her forte, nor would it ever be. Comfort is found in corners, shadows, a lone room. Not with other people where she could easily harm them.

        Slipping her arm through the Queen’s, Elsa cautious in not making direct skin contact with her. A deep breath is taken. “I don’t…really have anything interesting to say about myself, I’m afraid.” She confessed with confidence and respect, though subtly bit her lower lip in apprehension.

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   ░▒▓ ✲ ❄ ⊰☾⊱
          A light frown appeared on his face and he blinked slowly in a thought that, probably, crags would be a better alibi. Yet it wasn’t the whole thing that lingered in his mind at that moment. He just felt how all good ideas were fleeting out of his reach. God, he existed with a mere intention of giving Elsa a good excuse before the earth would swallow him up. And why the previous thing didn’t work? Was he such a great flyer in her eyes?
                                                  Well, it could pass for a flattery from her side, if only it wasn’t that truth. And he perfectly knew it, however, still dared to lie.
               It was just…
                                               Damn it, just forget about it already.
                               …so uncomfortable to be caught in being so bad in something.

          He was quite a clever one. Enough clever to outsmart the Boogeyman, but not enough witty to bring an appropriate pretense to the Queen? That’s just absurd. There had to be away to move away from this unpromising dialogue. He had to distract Elsa somehow, it was something that he always did perfectly. Let’s bring another subject to talk about. Why not?

          But, at the same time, he sensed that all his attempts to turn away were meant to be pointless. He would never give up on sklenting if only he knew this could save everything. However the bloody marks were already on his skin, his cheeks were already in filth and cuts, it all ached and, as strange as it sounded, he was more focused on what Elsa said or thought of him right now.

"Well… rocks do exist,” he mumbled more unsure than it was expected. Cerulean eyes glanced at the Queen humbly and afterwards his voice simply ceased.
                He bit his blue bottom lip just a little, that one of the possible ideas could at least stumble upon his tongue. Though there was nothing else to say, unfortunately.

Okay, listen, it was just a bad story I don’t have a humour to tell,” he finally found strength to blurt out. 
                                                       He spent his time watching over some suspicious
                                                       creatures that roamed in the forests of Arendelle.
                                                       They had no faces and their grotty appearances
                                                       resembled Boogeyman’s nightmares, still barely
                                                       could be considered as his own creations. They
                                                       were completely dark and tall. Wherever they went,
                                                       they left a trace of mud and ashes. And it seemed
                                                       like they were searching for something…
                                                                                         …those shadows.
    Jack tried to get rid of them to make sure
    they won’t bring harm to the citizens,
    to Anna or Elsa. And what he ended up
    to be was precisely the merit of those
    horrible beings, that sucked the life out
    of anything they touched.
                                                   He hardly fought his way to get out of there
                                                   by freezing everything on his path. Nevertheless
                                                   those guys were scarcely damaged in contrast
                                                   to him. And before the battle could turn into
                                                   bloody scene, they left with giving no explanation
                                                   of who they really were.
                   They didn’t speak, they only could groan, growl or howl. 
                   He still could feel their scorching breaths on his skin…

"Let’s just be glad that no one really got hurted, alright?”, Frost reassured the Snow Queen eventually and sighed wearily, "I can be fixed quickly. Just let me get some rest…"


        There was resistance in rolling her eyes in utter annoyance. Not that she wanted to develop frustration towards Jack, but it wasn’t as if he was making things easier on her. Obviously trying to avoid the real situation and steer her away from the topic. And she was quite tempted to speak out against it. To demand the truth. But constraint had been improved and wouldn’t allow her temper to hold her captive. Even if she weren’t a Queen, authority was held over her own actions.

                        And there was hope that he didn’t find her so easily deceived or portrayed as a fool. No need to make false assumptions. Undermining someone was a dangerous thing.

                        For someone to actually do so… 
                                                 Immoderately invigorating!
                                   …it required reckless actions.

        Such a knowledgeable Queen was she. Able to peer past the mask one might conceal their true feelings with. Reading others was a specialty. An advantage of hers. Quick to counter something she disagreed with due to a falter in someone’s words or perhaps their very expression. Audacious men would have to be the only ones willing to attempt to throw her off or question her. No. Foolish was more fitting.

                 A scowl etched into her features, gaze hardening at the spirit.

        Rocks exist. Please. He may revel in the idea of engaging in all things fun and free-willed, but those were still the words of an ignorant child. To express aloud the first words that manifested in the mind as means of an excuse. Trying to find a way around judgment. Be in the clear; out of harms way. Invincible. 'With these words I speak, I quietly inquire that there be no more spectating the situation at hand. Leave it be.' Those were the words implied. Elsa could hear it.

        “Yes, rocks do exist in this world. But I’d rather you enlighten me with a more thought out excuse,” A small bite to her words, authority radiating off her figure. Determined was the Snow Queen, quite stubborn, too, if confessions are being contributed.

                          A bad story.

                                         Her expression softened, possible theories scrambling
                                         about in her mind as to what lay behind this so-called
                                         ‘bad story’ the winter spirit mentioned. And even with
                                         with this infinite list, not a single conclusion froze in the
                                         front of her mind and remained there. No, they just
                                         continued to float about aimlessly, motivation dwindling.

                                                    A caliginous look passing his features,
                                                    clearly troubled. Guilt clawed roughly
                                                    at the blonde, shoulders falling and
                                                    gaze drifting to her feet. Something
                                                    terrible really had happened to Jack.

              The situation was not to be completely ignored,
                                              but for the time being, it was to be set aside. 

        “Yes of course. That’s the most important thing to worry about.” She nodded her head in agreement, keeping her gaze averted from the other.

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"You’re beautiful."


The Snow Queen had noticed the way cerulean
eyes gazed at her, her own glacial hues slightly
narrowed in confusion though her lips curled up
into questionable smile. The inquiry was clear
on her expression. Why was he staring at her?
Especially when there was such a breathtaking
view from the balcony they stood on. Bright sun
peeking just over the mountain tops, reflecting
off the vast, snow coated area. The powder
imitating glistening diamonds held up into the
light. The woman never tired of this scenery.

                         And at his answer did breath catch, blood
                         rising to her cheeks and producing a pink
                         tint to her pale skin. Warm was her face
                         at the unexpected compliment, turning her
                         head in attempt to conceal her reaction, an
                         inclination to her being quite embarrassed.

        “I, um…” she cleared her throat
        tucking back a stray strand of
        platinum blonde behind her ear.
        “Thank you.”

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“It drives you crazy, getting old.”


Sighing was her only means of a response and
she didn’t intend on speaking a word about the
situation. It was quite the sensitive topic to her,
pondering how she basically aged with every
minute that passed. No way to remain the same.
And here she had an immortal best friend whom
was so dear to her. And she was just a mortal.

                          Yes, the very thought drove her insane, almost
                           to the brink of insanity. Yet she continued to
                           keep up her façade and not visibly reveal her
                           pain. To believe someone was your forever
                           when you couldn’t possibly be  t  h  e  i  r  s.

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“You’re my best friend, and we’re dancing in a world alone.”


        “Can you really say that we’re alone
        if we have each other? Besides, so
        long as we keep dancing, we’ll soon
        forget that we were ever alone to
        begin with. The world will fade to black.”

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        He gives nothing but an enlarging smile, arms crossed and stilled within his sleeves as the sick mind of his mused just how vulnerable this human looked- Yet something laid beneath the calm.

                    “Askin’ ta leave so soon~? Ya just got ‘ere, don’cha wanna take a look around? Though, if ya wanna leave, then I am more then happy ta help~.”

        Continuously did she shift her weight from one leg to the other, nails nonchalantly scratching at her left arm nervously. The veins beneath her pale flesh vibrating with the urge to leave then and there; discover her own path back if it led to such.

        “I’m not so sure remaining here is
        such a good idea… I usually try
        avoiding places I’m unfamiliar with.”

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