Ice is also great, and would suffice


"And when will you be prepared to have it?  Nevermind. I should not expect loyalty to  him from one such as yourself.”


        “Whenever it is that I please. Don’t
        force things. And just what does
        that mean, Amphitrite? Be mature
        for once. What’s done is done. I’m
        finished with your husband and
        have been for quite some time now.
        My feelings for him are nonexistent.”


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                                        ——— ❤ ———

          "thank you for your permission. 

   the words are stained with sarcasm, though she’s
     trying to be forgiving in this situation. people who
     haven’t lived her lifestyle never understand. they
     always think she’s just delusional. but she’s created
     her wildest fantasies and made them her life. her
     mother is simply an easy answer to give. 

          "if you’re saying i have not put
             thought into choosing my lifestyle,
             you are sadly mistaken, darling. my
             mother is not the defining factor in
             my choice of job. she was the early
             on push in this direction. "

Her own tongue is bitten in prevention of snapping
back with her own words of sarcasm. Being one of
inquisitiveness was a dangerous thing in the world.
It seemed to hinder people to the point of lashing
out, but this woman was holding her own. No doubt
becoming annoyed with the inquiries flying at her.

        “That…wasn’t quite what I was saying
        at all. There’s always some sort of
        motive behind one’s actions and I’m
        sure yours is relevant and critical. Of
        course, I would actually like to know the
        proper reason, but it’s up to you if you
        wish to reveal such…”

The sentence hung in the air, intentionally unfinished
with a questionable mark of inquiry. Almost a subtle
way of soliciting the temptation to tell said determinant.



           “Well, I don’t take commands.
               Least of all from you.”

                     He sighed heavily as he contemplated her
                     request as he’d prefer to see it. He could
                     see some benefit for himself if he helped
                     her find her sister, the obviously being that
                     she might leave him be. A truce of sorts. He
                     help her now, she forgive their—ah—-past.

                             “Why not an agreement of sorts,
                              that you leave me be. I make up
                              for our shaky history, what with
                              keeping you locked up in an urn
                              and such, by helping you find your
                              long lost sister, hm? Seem fair?”

That was all he wanted, was it? To be
free of her attempt at achieving her
sense of revenge. Something so simple
but beneficial for him. And she’d get
Anna back. Hopefully. Was it really worth
it? He was here before her. Just at arms
length. It could be so simple. But her own
sibling was more important. And if they
are to make a deal, she wouldn’t go back
on it. After all, she’s a natural born queen.
Vows and promises are not to be broken.

        “…Even with this deal being put
        into action, I won’t ever forgive
        you. But if we do find her, then
        fine. It will be forgotten if nothing


"Yeah, it does, a little. I mean, being stuck in there, you must not have much power in there, but when you got out, you felt free. Being locked up is like being in a cage, somewhere you don’t want to be."


        “Basically. It was really a feeling of rebirth. And a renewal of certain feelings you never expected you were capable of. If, as a child, I was told that one day I would seek revenge, there wasn’t a chance I’d actually believe it. But being here now, I suppose people are capable of anything so long as it’s correctly triggered.”



"Of course. As long as we remain with
 Zeus, we shall be quite alright. We all
 know that we’ll have a plan, Zeus will
 have a plan for our battle strategy.”

        “I do hope he has a plan. I’m not afraid
        to admit that the man is reckless in all
        he does. As confident as I am, there’s
        still a chance this could turn and the
        Fates may be in Hades’ favor. We can’t
        have any weaknesses within our defense.”


[text]: You were practically tomato red under all that makeup.

[text]: It was sort of funny actually.

[text]: Just give them that Elsa chill in character, that’s really all you can do. And if you happen to stumble upon him later, well then it’s a different ball game. 

[text: Isabel] Oh hush. I was not /that/ red.

[text: Isabel] I hope I don’t run in to him again. I’m not exactly good at talking to guys.



"I don’t think as many people are neutral as you assume. I know that Zeus has been going around asking people to pledge their alleigance to him, and I’m sure Hades has been doing the same.Believe me, all I have been doing with my spare time is trying to think of anything that might help, but so far nothing."

        “Perhaps, but all the same, I would surely
        hope so. They can’t expect to battle without
        recruiting an army. I’m no war God, but I’m
        quite sure that’s what you are to do. I do
        apologize for not being able to help you. I
        myself was once neutral, but Zeus has won
        my allegiance. It’s only a matter of time, now.”



         { ♏ }

    oui, your sister and i have done
       M A N Y shows together… your
       name: it is elsa, correct? ❞ 


        “Yes, it is! I’m sorry we’ve never
        met prior to this meeting. Sadly,
        I’ve ben awfully busy and have
        been unavailable to attending
        any of the shows. I’m sure they
        were just amazing, though.”


"I am curious to know
who’s side are you on?
This whole imagery of Hades and Zeus
having a hissy fit of who gets the throne
has gotten me on edge.”


        “I have allied myself with Zeus, my
        dear. I’ll admit to it being quite…
        different. For the longest, I’ve been
        more of neutral Goddess. Merely
        watching from the sidelines. But I
        do not want to be thrown into dark
        times again, so Zeus will need all
        the help he could possible achieve.
        I assume you have not chosen. A
        neutral party, I assume?”