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{Suddenly lost muse, so I’m turning in for the night. Replies tomorrow since I’ll most likely be home. ♥ If you guys need anything just ask. Night~}

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"Depends," Hans tilted his head back with a smile before looking her in the eyes again. Her set brow, her strong gaze that bespoke as only a queen’s could, the way it both showed her will and weakness at the same time… delightful. "How much of a devil do you plan on behaving as?"

        Eyelids narrow over azure eyes, a light scowl on her features at the smile painted across his face. It annoyed her to no end, caused the muscles throughout her body to tense in immediate reaction. “That all depends on you, Hans. Is that what you want of me?”

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          Almost sinful how magnificent it f e e l s to see fear rack up a heart beat to its fullest. A shiver of utmost pleasure generously crawls up his spine. Someone so invested in terror is the best kind. He always knows what strings to pull and if the target should seek an escape—a change of pace would take form. However, excessive anxiety, fright and dread were all apart of a different spectrum.

                   Its no fun to completely dismantle a toy—what amusement does it have if there is no response? 

                           That’s not part of his plan.

A haunting whisper travels in chase;

            Think running away will save you?


Breathe. Such a simple action yet she could not
find it in herself to intake the oxygen that circled
her head. Almost feeling as if she were chained
to a boulder twice her weight that had been pushed
into the very depths of the ocean. Nothing but
pressure and air deprivation. Engulfed by darkness.
The shadows slithered around her, slender arms her
only sense of security. Holding her self together.
Preventing her only means of sanity from seeping
through the cracks in her skin. Needing not to be
driven to the edge with madness poking and prying
at her until she succumbed and stepped off into the
A                 B                 Y                 S                 S.

        The voice sends a chill down her spine,
                                                   hairs raising at the back of her neck.
        An eerie vibe so thick and compressing
                                                   animals of the night ran to protection.

                        Perhaps running could not be
                        her savior, but was it such a
                        terrible action to attempt doing?

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"With all due respect, your majesty, I really don’t think you’re as frightening as you think you are. Trust me, I’ve seen some things—”

        “As I am not offended, I must say
        that your words have proven to be
        quite reassuring to my ears. Aside
        from your claim of witnessing those
        that are worse than myself.”

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     ❝I said: Release Minnie or else!❞ {The Sorcerer Mouse demanded. He stood just a few feet away from the queen and stood at his place with courage and determination.}

     {From the distance, he heard Minnie’s frightened and helpless cries. Mickey knew she had her and wasn’t leaving until his girl was safe from this wicked snow queen.}

    ❝Well? Do you wanna do this the easy way er the h a r d way?❞

        It takes everything the woman has to not burst in a fit of laughter, though a low chuckle is emitted, rising from deep within her chest. She didn’t doubt the mouse’s power, but it was still entertaining nonetheless. His small form utterly laughable to her. A malicious grin lines her lips, eyelids half closed over her eyes.

        “Oh, but she’s such great company to have
        around! I just revel in her small, pathetic cries
        for a savior. It’s beautiful. And you speak an
        empty threat that has yet to result in the reaction
        you wish to see etch into my features. Come
        back when you’ve learned to be intimidating.”

        Glacial eyes return to her frosted nails, lips twisted in disgust at the rodent presented before her very presence.

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+3 people seek an audience

    Simultaneously both brow and lips quirk up with interest as the king leaned forward slightly, shifting the weight of his blades against his shoulders. To show he meant no harm while still keeping cautious.

               ”And who do we have here?” 


        A brow arched, eyes warily observing the man that stood before her. Lax yet cautious, something she wouldn’t entirely recommend, but it wasn’t quite as if she had planned on harming him in any way.

        “A lady who doesn’t simply provide
        her well-kept identity to just anyone.”

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        It’s the admiration in her eyes that deceives all, though said emotion is directed at herself. A conceited being is she, overcome with pride and the increase of her ego. She believes — no, the woman rather knows just how powerful and dangerous she is. And she revels in it. Fear hardly caresses and embraces her. Does that imply immunity to fear? Heavens no. But Hell yes is it a rarity when involving the corrupted woman.

        Azure eyes lift from the perfectly shaped nails on her hands, focusing on the figure before her. A light smirk tugs at her lips, obviously teasing.

        “I’m sorry, your words have faded
        to nothing. Please repeat that.”


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                   TᎻE ⅮAᏒКΝᎬSᏚ ᎻAႽ ᎬYEՏ

                       ᎪnᎠ Α ᏟᏒUEL SMⅠLE 。

           And the Queen possesses fear
           with panic reflected in azure eyes.

Tightness forming in her chest with apprehension,
discovering difficulty in breathing. Hands shaking
from the panic arising through her body. An urge
to force her legs to respond. Just run.


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❅—- His grin split the difference across his frosty features, glacial 
         gaze reflecting his awe and amazement. She was truly 
         incredible, especially for such a young age; she 
         could create. She had an incredible gift that had no business 
         being concealed. He laughed, the sound like the soft tinkling 
         of Christmas bells as she swirled around the room with all the 
         beauty and delicacy of a snowflake. Tilting his head in 
         a mischievous inclination, his frostbitten lips split in an impish 
         smile as he graciously accepted her challenge.

                          “Hmm… alright. He cracked, all too enthusiastic 
                            to indulge her. He followed in her footsteps, skating 
                            across the icy layer she’d lain down across the 
                            ornately stained wood of her bedroom floor. His 
                            movements were lithe and fluid, far more 
                            experienced than hers. They weren’t so much 
                            graceful; rather, they were second-nature. He 
                            moved as if he had been moving so for the entire 
                            stretch of his existence, as though he had been 
                            born on the frozen fjord. His heels were one with the 
                            frosty sheet of glass as he went, skimming across 
                            the outskirts of her room. The long bend of his staff 
                            trailed after him, knocking strategically against the 
                            walls and windows. The panels frosted over with 
                            his touch, ice creeping up the walls and wrapping 
                            around the ceiling panels until the entire room had 
                            transformed into a wintry wonderland.


         He laughed, freely and fondly as a child without a single care 
         on God’s green earth, snow dusting down from the ceiling in a 
         soft flurry that kissed her cheeks and stuck in her eyelashes. 
         His smile was as white as the snowfall as he pressed his 
         fingertips to the frosted glass of her window and traced 
         several different shapes; bunnies, birds, flowers, and other 
         frequents of springtime. With a curl of his frigid digits, they 
         emerged from the glass and sprang to an icy life, galloping 
         and frolicking around the room. They circled her platinum 
         blonde head, teasing the ends of her hair and tickling her 


In absolute enchantment, she perceived the
way the spirit glissaded across the iced floor
with nothing but experiences, following every
movement he made. Every twist. Every turn.
One would lie if they were to say envy didn’t
pry at them. This wasn’t a skill to be perfected
within a day. Or even years. This was beyond
anything anyone could ever acquire. The girl
herself had to swallow down the envious bile
in her throat. Such thoughts weren’t supposed
to plague her. Envy wasn’t to be known. Yet
it was. But it all soon dissipated, mesmerized
once again by the expanding ice on her walls
and windows, winter embracing the room.

                                     And the magic only aggrandized.

                  Her breath caught as life suddenly blossomed
                  all around her, merely produced by the frigid
                  element. So gorgeous and alluring. Frozen
                  birds flitted around her head, cold air blowing
                  from their fluttering wings. Crystalline flowers
                  blossomed around her ankles, glimmering in
                  the dim fluorescence. A rabbit bounded over
                  to her, nuzzling against her cheek before
                  bouncing off, subtly shaking antecedently
                  bursting in a shower of snow. Eyelids fluttered
                  in reaction to the particles catching in her dark

Chewing the inside of her cheek, Elsa’s fingers
twitched at her side, stirring up a nearby pile of
snow. She would create the one thing she’s
always wanted to be in possession of. Just a
small thing it was! And Jack had brought forward
the motivation to manifest it. All she needed was
the perfect image in her mind…

                   A proud, yet small bark rung in her ears,
                   resulting in jumping back, eyes casting
                   downwards. A large grin broke across 
                   her features at the puppy jumping in attempt
                   to reach the teasing birds, snowy tongue
                   hanging from the corner of his lips. Resistance
                   was futile, the girl lifting the puppy in her arms,
                   strangely stable and solid, though no complaints
                   were made. A lick to her face caused a giggle
                   to emit from her lips, holding the animal close.

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