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{Alright darlings, here’s the plan: I am slowly but progressively getting through drafts. I just need to probably watch Frozen again (maybe twice) in order to fully regain muse. Cause Elsa is scratching and prying to be active yet we both lose motivation. I’m getting there though!

THAT ASIDE: I am 25 followers away from my next milestone and I believe I have come to the conclusion of creating a Mun Video when I reach said milestone. Who would have thought? So that’s your guys’ cue to send in AS MANY questions as you’d like. Anonymous or not. Just feel free to specify that it’s for the video and I’ll set it aside for when I create it. You’re all so amazing and I don’t know where I’d be without everyone’s support. Much love from me and Elsa ♥}

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        ❛  we should probably set up camp soon.  

        “That would be wise. I am beginning to
        feel the plaguing effects of exhaustion.”

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this is gonna be really easy to guess who this is bc of how I talk but damn are you a fine ass writer or what I mean literally you have improved sOM UCH in your writing I'm so jealous tbh and you're so sweet how do you even exist
tell me on anon how you really feel about me (or something like that)


{Is this sarissa?? is this bae?? I’m pretty sure it is cause she’s been with me for like over a year now and is the only one who truly knows how my writing has improved. Regardless, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ♥♥ Don’t be jealous. I still have the mindset of your average potato.}

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//too lazy for anon. I don't talk to the mun ooc much but you seem like such a sweetheart and I love the way you play Elsa and I just think your swell yep yep }}
anonymously send the mun what you really think of them.


{Nope. It says anonymous. Lazy or not your broke the rules, Sora-mun. nO. Get out my ask. I don’t accept rebels. uWu But you’re much too kind, darling. We should really talk more, tbh. ♥ Thank you for this kind message, I needed.}

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                          ——Long time no see,

             ——— his voice comes from virtually nowhere, born of lightning strikes
             and the patter of rain against the sidewalk mixed with the fog of chilled
             breaths. It’s familiar in nature, calm and collected just like the night he
             left her on the curb after nearly freezing his fingertips off at her side.
             It wouldn’t be the first time he’s gone out of his way to do something nice
             for her but he never exactly expected to wind up here again, especially
             it if meant running into her.

             He can’t say he hasn’t wondered, and he’s glad that he’s not here for her,
             but rather just passing through to go take here of a nest of vamps
             downstate. His jacket slides over her shoulders, framing her small figure
             in a shroud of denim and musk. A smile has worked its way onto his face,

                                                         How’ve you been?

Snapped out of her thoughts from the voice that filters her ears,
azure eyes shifting from wet sidewalk to the male now at her side.
Dark lashes caress pale, damp cheeks as she blinks once. Twice.
Assuring herself that the man beside her was whom she thought
it was. Unexpected, if she were honest with herself. Quite awhile
had it been since they first met, and in dangerous circumstances.
Her powers on the verge of losing control. But he had proven to
her that there are merciful hunters in the world. For where would
she be if he hadn’t helped her retreat to where she is most safe?

                       Slender fingers curl around the newfound fabric draped
                       over shoulders, contemplating giving it back until the
                       sound of pattering rain reached her ears once more,
                       pulling the jacket closer to herself as a form of comfort.

        “Hey… I-I’ve been fine. Though
        I have had better days before.”

              Her head cants to the side, motioning toward the rain outside
              of her small protected area beneath the awning of a small shop.

        “What are you doing here?”

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             ❝and what does being a k i d have to do
               with anything? if i want to b u i l d giant robots,
               then i’m going to build giant robots. that’s a l l 
               there is to it! i know what i’m doing, okay? i’m
               not called a robotics prodigy for nothing.

        “——But of course. My deepest apologies. It’s
        merely curiosity within my inquiry. Just the
        thought of constructing such machinery and
        at your age…it’s magnificent. Never have I
        met someone with such a collaborated mind
        like yours. What is it about robotic figures that
        has captured your attention and compelled you?”

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  “I didn’t mean to interrupt your morning plans
for breakfast.” Emma’s lips formed a minor
smirk, she stepped aside and montioned
with her hands to the white door of Granny’s
diner. “Just wondered if you saw anything
suspicious yesterday when someone broke
into Gold’s pawn shop.”

        Eyes gently narrowed, lips tugging upward into
        a mock grin as she trekked forward for the door.
        Upon reaching it, slender, pale digits wrap around
        the knob, feet having frozen in place. Elsa turns
        to glance over her shoulder, waves of blonde
        framing her face. “Someone broke into his shop?
        Oh, how terrifying. I hope everyone is alright.”
        Though her tone didn’t reveal the slightest hint
        of sympathy.

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               Oh Lord, Heaven knows
we belong way down b

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Send a “♪” for the Muse to sing part of a song the Mun has recently listened to.

                         “Here you are down on your knees again,
                         trying to find  A I R  to  BREATHE  again.
                         And only  surrender will  h e l p you now.
                         I love you; please see and believe again.”


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Send a “♪” for the Muse to sing part of a song the Mun has recently listened to.

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