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"Halloween is that time of year, ain’t it? But just think of it. How many times a day do you think we’ll hear someone singing This Is Halloween? A moment for the poor sod who’s playing Jack."

        “You’re not dissing The Nightmare Before Christmas,
        are you? I actually rather enjoy that movie. It’s one
        of the best, personally. But I do feel a bit sorry for him.”

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As Emma looked in front of her, she saw someone in
the town she’s never seen before. Shock and surprise
was written all over her face. She’s never seen this
stranger before, which made her curious to where she
could of come from. As she looked closely at the figure,
there was something about her that was different. 

        “Who are you?”

        Oh no, this wasn’t a good thing. Arriving in unfamiliar territory,
        there wasn’t a hint of doubt that the Snow Queen would happen
        upon someone. But so abruptly did it occur. Digits grasp and
        intertwine with those on the other hand. Tighter and tighter in
        sync with her chest. Faster breaths, rapid heart beat, unsettled
        thoughts. Anxiety had not been conquered yet, to her dismay.

               “——Elsa. Queen of Arendelle. And you?” 

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        “So…is anyone prepared for the chaos
        known as Halloween? I can only imagine
        how wild the kids will be while they’re here.”

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               ” ah, yes. good.
         have you decided on how
             you’re going to act yet?

its tone implies the answer ought
to be yes, if the girl knows what’s
good for her. after all, a few scratches
from its claws are nothing compared
 to what horror can really do.  a
dismissive hand waves away the sobs,
regarding them as a waste of time,
and treating them as such. if horror
ran its lips against the broken skin,
the wounds would close, but let the
child suffer a bit more. 


A rigid breath. Pricking tears. Strained throat.
                                     Put on your dress and put on your doll faces.
Yes, a mask needs to be worn around the
horrific entity that plagues and latches to her
like a demon in search of a host. And it was
just a touch away. Skin torn open. The ideal
doorway to enter her body and seek out the
wounded soul that vulnerably stirs within. So
terribly weakened and on the verge of allowing
surrender to wash over it and succumb to the
darkness that is all too known.

        “——I’ll be good…

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That was the clearest emotion
the wolf could make out of their actions.
As if he wasn’t used to such already.
Many had seen him claim warriors’
heads in plain day,
among a tense crowd,lost in battles.

But he did not act without reason.
If he had to end someone’s life ,
it was for a valid excuse.
Mostly in prol of protecting his family.

This woman hadn’t given reasons for him to act on such way , yet.
So, he merely paced slowly and smelled her.


Azure eyes witness the pacing of large paws,
knowing she needed to control the rising anxiety
that thickened within her chest. His territory.
That had to be constantly recalled. Any act
that may seem out of place would deem to be
her own fault. Steadiness. A necessity. Wisdom.
Another aspect of importance. The sniffing
rings in her ears, loud as it treads closer.
Testing her and waiting. Still waiting. Still…

        “My intentions are not to harm you.
        I need you to understand that.”

And she could only hope the wild beast was to
actually process what it was that audited from
her lips. For how is she to know if all animals
had the ability to understand human language?

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      “Then what is the way, because
        I can’t think of a more satisfying
        way to forget all my troubles.”
        The good feeling she had a few
        moments ago quickly disappeared,
        it appeared she wasn’t quite as drunk
        as she played out to be.


        “Everyone has a different way, obviously. But
        through drinking… Regina, mistakes will always
        be made. They’re unavoidable. We just need
        to know the correct way to deal with them and
        amend for what has been done. And you are
        capable of that. I hope my words will reach you.”

It’s fading, the once gleaming look that was held
within Regina’s eyes. Killing her high had been
unintentional, but perhaps necessary in terms of
the blonde.

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        “It once belonged to my mother…”

        Mindlessly does her hand raise to allow slender digits to trace over the
        trinket that hangs from her neck and rests coolly against her sternum.
        Simple is the jewelry. Just a silver circlet, a design representing her home
        country in which she hails engraved within. Never would she have expected
        it to be noticed by the eyes of anyone. Especially by the woman displayed
        before her. An air of high eloquence and manner outlining her being as her
        head is held, a gentle tug of the lips in an upward motion. It’s amazing Elsa
        has never once before encountered the other. Perhaps separate parties were
        attended prior to this. There was no telling, honestly. Mentally, the blonde
        shakes herself out of her own thoughts, azure eyes refocusing, lips forcefully
        being pushed into respectful smile. Her hand drops from the base of her
        throat, fingers intertwining with those on her other hand, back straightening.

        “But never mind that. I do hope you
        are enjoying your stay here so far.”

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тнe ɴoтeвooĸ ѕтαrтerѕ
secretus-reginam asked : "I’m not usually like this, I’m sorry."


         ” It hardly affects me, I have no 
           nothing why you feel an apology
           is necessary. “

        “I suppose it’s just a habit of mine
        to apologize. That’s the only reason
        that I have for doing so, really.”

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        Bright as it may be, golden sun rays casting over the small town she
        has discovered herself within, reticence fills the air with a thick coating.
        Not a soul stirs, but the wind whispers and dances, rustling the leaves
        that hang from sepia-colored branches. Eyes of azure trace over the
        lining of every structure. Wondering. And her foot lifts to step, but soon
        halts, body going rigid when the subtle sounds of footsteps reaches her.
        Not a place to conceal herself. To stow away until the new presence
        passes. Yet it’s proven futile as the noises begin to ring in her ears.
        approaching closer. Steady. Chest rising, the platinum blonde turns on
        her heels to meet the new figure that dares come near to her.

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